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GOLDDAFENG - an expert in customized service of efficient agricultural machinery

Since 1995

SHANDONG GOLDDAFENG MACHINERY CO., LTD., one of the first Demonstrative Gazelle Enterprises of Shandong Province, is a state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the RD, manufacturing, sales and service of agricultural machinery. Situated at East of Beishou Road, North Dayu Road, Yanzhou Economic Development Zone, Jining City, Shandong Province,  the company has a registered capital of RMB 50 million, an area of 133333sqm ,  a standard plant of 56,000sqm and more than 600 employees. The company started in 1995 to engage in the production,  manufacturing and sales of corn combine harvesters, and now specializes in harvest machinery in different agricultural sectors by exceling in corn harvesters. The company has formed a professional,  refined and special product system led by corn harvesters and represented by wheat harvesters,  rice harvesters and peanut harvesters. In 2011, the company succeeded in establishing a joint venture with AGCO, a Fortune Global 500 company. This partnership has introduced advanced operation idea and innovative research and development means to the company, boosting the company to the leading level in China in terms of the R&D of harvest machinery technologies.

Dafeng Machinery



Six milestones of the company 
(1) Inception Period: In 1995, Yanzhou Dafeng Harvester Plant was established;
(2) Development Period: In 1996, the company merged 8 township enterprises to form Shandong Dafeng Machinery Group Co., Ltd.;
(3) Restructuring Period: In 2000, the company was restructured into Shandong Dafeng Machinery Co., Ltd.;
(4) Stabilizing Period: In 2011, the company successfully cooperated with AGCO, a Fortune Global 500 company, to establish a joint venture - AGCO Dafeng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.;
(5) In 2012, the company was restructured into Shandong Dafeng Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. by means of equity replacement.
(6) In 2015, the company was renamed Shandong Golddafeng Machinery Co., Ltd. The company will go public in the future and become an expert in customized service of efficient agricultural machinery.

Dafeng Machinery

Product Portfolio

With an annual productivity of 20,000 units, the company now has the following main products including self-propelled corn harvesters, self-propelled corn kernel combine harvesters, self-propelled stalk-spike corn harvesters, self-propelled rice combine harvesters, tracked rice combine harvesters, peanut picker harvesting machines, silage maize harvesters, and turnover plows. The company has set up more than 300 sales and service outlets across China covering all major grain production regions in China and sells products to Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, Middle East and Africa. The Gold Dafeng Self-propelled Corn Harvester has won the honor of the “11th National Satisfactory Agricultural Machinery Brands”, and is the “Branded Product of Shandong Province of 2016”. Meanwhile the Gold Dafeng Self-propelled Rice Combine Harvester is the “Branded Product of Shandong Province of 2017”.



Technology Innovation System

By sticking to the principle of “creating a brand with technology, winning a market with quality, treating clients with sincerity and becoming the best with management”, the company has established a technology innovation system that “combines industrial, academic and research outcomes based on enterprises in the direction of the market”. The company has been certified by ISO9001 and reached a deep cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Jinan University as well as many other academies and institutions for industrial, academic and research outcomes. With its technologies leading China and on a par with best global competitors, the company has completed an array of state-level, provincial and municipal projects including the “863” Program led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, major special projects led by the provincial department of science and technology, and the promotion project of the provincial bureau of agricultural machinery, and has won a handful of awards including the second prize of Shandong Technology Advancement Award.


With a brand value of RMB 730 million, Gold Dafeng ranked 53 in the “Independent Innovation List” initiated in the 2nd China Brand Development Forum of 2018. With more than 3.5% sales income invested in research and development each year, the company possesses 3 patents for invention, 30-plus patents for utility model; has participated in the formulation of 1 industrial standard, 1 team standard and 4 corporate standards; owns a line of innovation and RD platforms including the “provincial corporate technology center”, the “provincial engineering research center for smart efficient harvesting facilities”, the “provincial enterprise-specific technology research and development center”, the “provincial innovation-driven facilitation project service station”, the “municipal engineering research center for smart controlling system of harvesting machinery”, and the “municipal engineering technology research center for smart corn harvesters”.

Dafeng Machinery

Enterprise Honor

National High-Tech Enterprise

Leading backbone enterprise of Shandong high quality product production base

China's top 50 agricultural machinery industry enterprises

The first batch of gazelle demonstration enterprises in Shandong Province

Shandong stealth champion enterprise

Provincial-level two-integrated management system

Provincial “Science and Technology Innovation” SMEs

Provincial-level “specialized and special” SMEs

Advanced SMEs in the province

Dafeng Machinery Dafeng Machinery Dafeng Machinery

The company will continue to focus on the main business - harvesting machine, adhere to the "gold quality", use the "resource sharing, complementary advantages, group heating, coordinated development" of the big sales win-win model, adhering to the independent innovation of the corporate philosophy, relying on lean Management, lean design and information technology will make Jin Dafeng Machinery a first-class full-scale mechanized agricultural machinery enterprise in China, casting gold and wealth, and making due contributions to China's agricultural modernization process and rural revitalization!

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