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Analysis and troubleshooting of common faults of YZP series self-propelled corn harvester

1, picking up the roller
(1) There are many weeds in the field; reduce the speed
(2) The gap between the grass cutters is large; adjust the gap of the grass cutter
(3) The pick-up roll gap is too small; adjust the pick-up roll gap
(4) The forward speed is not appropriate; change the working position
(5) The chain does not turn: Exclude the chain does not turn fault
(6) The spring force of the picking box clutch is small: adjust the spring
2, the chain does not turn
(1) Touching the ground: avoiding touchdown
(2) Folding machine rolling key: replacement of parts
(3) Being stuck by weeds: removing weeds
(4) The chain is too loose, and the chain plate is hung: adjust the tightness of the chain
3, the elevator chain does not turn
(1) The chain is detached, the two shafts or the wheel is damaged: check, adjust and replace the damaged parts
(2) There are sundries or long straws in the elevator: Excluding debris
4, the gear transmission box has noise, the temperature rises
(1) The gear side clearance is not suitable: the adjustment backlash is 0.15-0.35mm
(2) Gear or bearing damage: replacement
(3) lack of oil: refueling
5, more loss of ear grain
(1) The ground turns too early: a timely turn
(2) Corn lodging, ear sagging: timely harvest, ear sagging rate <10%
(3) Large gap of picking roller: whole gap adjustment
6, the separation of the clutch is unclear
(1) The free clearance between the separation diaphragm spring and the separation bearing is too large, and the main and passive discs cannot be completely separated: the free gap between the diaphragm spring and the separation bearing is adjusted;
(2) The separation bearing is damaged; replace the separation bearing;
7, difficult to file or drop files
(1) The clutch is not completely separated; adjust the clutch in time;
(2) The brake clearance of the small brake is too large; adjust the small clutch clearance in time;
(3) The working gear meshing is not in place; adjust the sliding shaft gear shift position (adjust the shifting push-pull soft shaft adjusting nut);
(4) Shift fork shaft locking mechanism is not in place: adjust the spring preload of the locking mechanism
(5) The shifting soft shaft is long; the whole shifting soft shaft adjusting nut;
8, the gearbox work has abnormal sound
(1) Serious wear of the gear: Replace the gear pair;
(2) Bearing damage: Replace the bearing;
(3) The lubricating oil is not enough or the model is wrong: Check the oil level or lubricant type.
9. The hydraulic system that controls the working parts does not work.
(1) Insufficient hydraulic oil: Add sufficient hydraulic pressure to find the oil leakage and eliminate it;
(2) Blockage of the hydraulic valve damping hole: Clear the impurities on the throttle piece of the road;
(3) Residual gas in the pipeline: Loosen the oil pipe joint to deflate, knowing that there are no air bubbles;
(4) Serious wear of the gear pump: Repair or replace the new pump.
10. When the steering wheel is in the middle position while walking, the machine runs off
(1) Deformation or damage of the steering gear dial: Replace or send to the factory for repair;
(2) Failure of the steering spring piece: replacement or delivery to the factory for repair;
(3) Deformation of the linkage shaft opening: Replace or repair.
11, start no response
(1) The battery pole is loose or the cable is poorly grounded: The pole is fastened, the grounding wire is connected to the body reliably, and no paint or oil is allowed on the ground;
(2) Start the appliance fuse, ammeter, ignition switch start gear, starter relay damage or contact failure: replace the new parts or check the plug joints and joints;
(3) Damage to the electromagnetic switch or damage to the armature winding in the starter: Replace the new parts.
12, the generator does not generate electricity
(1) The generator fan belt slips or connects to the line: adjust the tightness of the fan belt or connect the connecting wires of the engine correctly and firmly;
(2) The charging indicator light is damaged: Replace the indicator light of the same specification;
(3) Internal faults of the generator (such as diode breakdown short circuit or open circuit, short circuit or open circuit of the excitation winding, short circuit between the three phase windings and phase, or grounding, etc.): repair or replacement;
(4) Regulator damage: replacement;
(5) Poor contact of the generator excitation line: Check the line and connect it reliably.

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