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Dafeng Machinery

I. Talent Philosophy:

Regard talents as our base of business and provide them with a boundless platform to create and grow;

II. Talent Strategy:

Absorb useful talents, optimize the team and integrate human resources;

III. Employment Principles:

1. Use brain instead of physical strength, set positions actually needed and place right people on right positions to reach a perfect match;

2. Morality first and ability follows with engagement and teamwork placed atop;

IV. Recruitment Principles:

1. “Four regardless”: regardless of age, qualification, identity and length of service.

2. “Three public”: all-known recruitment information, all-seen recruitment process and just recruitment result

3. “Three clear”: clear target, clear action, clear result.

V. Management System:

1. Three systems: contract system for employment relationship, employment system for managers, normalization system for dynamic management.

2. Two controls: control people with system and control matters with process.

3. Four properly: position properly, think properly, do properly, align properly

VI. Training System:

Training forms a benignant circle with enterprise development. Training is provided in time during work as a part of benefits.


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