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Corporate Culture:

Gratitude, Loyalty, Efficiency, Collaboration, Innovation, Engagement


Dafeng Machinery

LOGO definitions:

Jin (literally gold): represents hope and quality, indicating the hope for harvest and gold-like quality of our brand;

Da (literally big): represents scale and quantity, indicating our large size, broad product families and high grain output.

Feng (literally harvest): represents success and harvest, indicating widely-distributed benefits for enterprises, distributors and users.

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Shandong Dafeng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Harvester Sales Service Hotline 400-0537-666

Tractor sales service hotline 400-0537-666/13853809599 (Mr. Zou)

Agricultural Machinery Sales Service Hotline 400-0537-666/15753729810 (General Manager Liu)

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Group Office: 86-537-3839995
Supplier Development Department: 86-537-3839997
Human Resources Department: 86-537-3839321 /
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