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4YZPSJ-3 self-propelled stalk-spike corn harvester

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The 4YZPSJ-3 self-propelled stalk-spike corn harvester is mainly used to harvest corn ears and corn stover. The machine can complete the picking, peeling, ear boxing, straw cutting and collection of multiple rows of corns in one time.


The header and straw chopper are located in front of the machine for picking and stalk chopping, pushing and throwing. The peeler is located in the middle or rear part of the machine to peel the ears delivered by the elevator and throw them to the ear box. The ear box is fastened at the back of the chassis by a support, which can realize high-level unloading of grain. The grass box is located at the top of the peeler and is used for temporary storage of stalks when the machine is blazing a cutting path. The straw mulching machine is located at the bottom of the chassis between the front and rear axles. The chassis and the running system use a self-propelled special chassis and includes front and rear axles, drive wheels, gearboxes and steering wheels. The cab includes an operating mechanism and a dashboard for controlling and monitoring the operation and movement of the harvester. It is equipped with a 175 horsepower National Standard III premium engine located in the middle of the machine for power output. The header, mulching machine, ear box and grass box are hydraulically lifted for flexible operation. The machine is widely used in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, northern Anhui, northern Jiangsu and other regions.






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