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4LZ-8 self-propelled wheat combine harvester

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4LZ-8 self-propelled wheat combine harvester is mainly used to harvest wheats, and can complete reaping, threshing, separating and cleaning in one time. The machine is compact, flexible and easy to operate, and is especially suitable for crop harvesting on small and medium-sized plots.


The header is located in the front of the machine for reaping and transporting crops. The header and the reel are hydraulically lifted and lowered, which is convenient and reliable. As for threshing and cleaning, the machine adopts threshing, separating, cleaning and conveying mechanisms for threshing, separating, cleaning, and conveying kernels to the grain tank. Stalks are placed in a strip form and chaffs are thrown on harvested plots. It is equipped with a 175 horsepower National Standard III engine to drive the running system and the hydraulic system, and complete the operation of the main engine. The chassis and the running system use a self-propelled special chassis and includes front and rear axles, drive wheels, gearboxes and steering wheels.


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