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4LZ-6B tracked rice combine harvester

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Model: 4LZ-6A/6B crawler type full feed grain combine harvester

The main function of the product: This product is mainly based on harvesting rice, and it can also harvest wheat. By changing different harvesting devices, it can harvest corn, millet, rapeseed, soybean and other crops, achieve multi-purpose effect, and quickly profit for users. Offers a variety of options. The machine can complete the operations of harvesting, threshing, separation and cleaning at one time. The machine is compact in structure, convenient in operation and flexible in operation, and is especially suitable for crop harvesting of small and medium-sized plots.

●Equipped with 53-section, 500mm, high-tooth (90mm) track, the adaptability and passability of the rotten field is better;

●The design of the 53th track center of gravity is more reasonable, and the driving operation is more stable and smooth;

● The ground clearance of the chassis is increased to 500mm, and the muddy field is more capable of passing.

●Equipped with 108 Ma Liguo three high pressure common rail engine, with good fuel economy, strong power and low noise;

● Lengthen the threshing drum (2.2 m), the crop threshing time is longer and cleaner;

●With reinforced gearbox, it has strong carrying capacity and more reliable work.

● Widening the clearing room, the long-jitter plate and the double-layer vibrating screen are moving in opposite directions, the cleaning ability is strong, and the cleaning effect is better.

●The new radiator cover ensures that the machine can work for a long time under the harsh working conditions without manual cleaning.

●The new flexible reel has a spring structure and the effect of harvesting the inverted crop is good;

●Ergonomically optimized design, with luxurious interior and car air conditioning, driving more comfortable.

●The new combination meter has the functions of water temperature, oil pressure and oil quantity alarm, which has good display effect and high reliability;

● 1.5m3 large grain bins are equipped in various configurations, unloading grain buckets and multi-directional unloading grain drums, with good adaptability;

●Replace the corresponding accessories to harvest corn, millet, rapeseed, soybean and other crops. It is multi-purpose, has wide adaptability and high comprehensive economic benefits.



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