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4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut picker harvesting machine

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4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut picker harvesting machine can directly harvest or dry peanuts after they come up out of the ground, and can complete the gathering, fruit picking, cleaning, separating and boxing in one time. It mainly consists of the gathering platform, conveying trough, picking chamber, cleaning chamber, grass chopping device, fruit box, grass box, cab, engine, chassis, hydraulic system and electrical system. The machine boasts outstanding performance, compact structure, easy operation, safety and reliability, and is suitable for all peanut planting areas in China.


When the harvester is moving forward, it faces the crop layer on the ground after being excavated. The pickup teeth of the gathering platform approaches close to the ground, picking up peanut crops, and pushing them to the gathering platform. Driven by the picking auger, peanut crops are fed into the conveying trough and transported to the picking chamber under the action of the chain caries. Under the action of the roller cone rotation and the screw feeding, peanut crops enter the longitudinal flow roller. Peanut kernels are picked off by the interaction between roller and concave, and then sent to the cleaning room, and then move from the left to the right under the action of the vibrating screen and peanut kernel auger. Then the throwing fan sends all peanut kernels in the fruit box. Stalks and stems are blown to the chopper by the cleaning fan, chopped by high-speed rotating blades, and are sucked away to the grass box by the suction fan installed on the outlet, while small debris and dust are blown directly into the grass cylinder. After being recycled, residues are transported to the peanut lifting cylinder on the right side by the auger, then lifted to the vibrating screen for secondary cleaning.


The pickup adopts double tracks to ensure stable running;

The picking device applies the domestically-leading longitudinal flow technology to minimize breakage and loss;

Widely apply vibrating screen and secondary cleaning of residues to reduce impurity content;

When peanut kernels are picked, a high-speed centrifugal fan is used to throw kernels to the grain store, thus reducing breakage and increasing cleanliness;

A centrifugal fan is used to separate kernels from straws to make forage cleaner;

Dust is discharged from the bottom to reduce air dust and extend the service life of the machine;








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